The biggest benefit to me is the speed at which Sorbis solves our problem. Sorbis assigns a ‘case manager’ to each problem. Very efficient for the customer. Sorbis provides as much attention to the individual’s problem as the big company‘s problem. They’ll pay immediate attention to your problem at a reasonable price.

John K. Owner
Event Management

Great Service Whenever We Need IT

Sorbis provides great service whenever we need it.  The Sorbis team keeps our systems updated and secure and are always available for help when needed.  You should definitely use Sorbis, they always come through.

Adam V. Owner
Real Estate

100% Peace of Mind

I’ve worked with Sorbis for quite a few years. Their professionalism has remained the same since day one. They’re available every time we call rather than leaving a message and someone calling you back. It is nice to have peace of mind knowing we were 100% covered in case of any problem or future updates need it.

Ferran S. General Manager

Excellent Response and Great Communication

The excellent response of Sorbis. Communication is excellent. We are not left not knowing what the situation is and how it will be resolved. Go with Sorbis!! You are in good hands!

Glenn I. Vice President

Peace of Mind with Fast and Friendly Service

Knowing that our server is always being monitored to make sure it is working properly. The speed at which you reply to requests. The techs are knowledgeable, friendly and great to work with.

Maria F. Director

Excellent Consistent Experience

Sorbis has always provided excellent consistent experience. They are available whenever I reach out for help. Their process is automated and works well. I send an email. Ticket is opened. Case is underway in a timely fashion. Most importantly personable staff and leadership communicate well and have so far always resolved my issues the right way, not a patch but solution and explain steps taken all the way through.

Scott C. Director of Information Technology

Sorbis Stands Apart from Other IT Companies

Sorbis does much better than other IT companies with response time but also with the overall level of knowledge, professionalism and creativity of solutions while keeping your customer’s budget in mind. I’ve never been left wondering where we stand with any of our IT/tech related projects I have requested your assistance with, your team always made sure they provided daily updates.

Keep in mind that while other IT firms might quote you a lower price, most will get you with a la carte billing for items not included in your agreement. This is something which I never experienced with Sorbis.

George V. General Manager

Always Available & Quick to Respond

Sorbis is always available and respond quickly when called. Their service is more apparent then sales, they are dedicated to finding a solution.

Tom K. Director of Operations

Personal and Fast Service

Sorbis provides one point of contact for all IT systems instead of having to reach everyone independently. Having a more personal approach and being very fast on response set Sorbis apart from other IT firms.

Sergio M. Principal Owner

Thank you for all you do.

Thanks to Sorbis, we have had better service and are able to work more efficiently.  The response time is great, no lag time.   With Sorbis you will be in great hands.  The Sorbis Team is professional and always willing to assist.  Their sense of urgency to the customers’ needs is the biggest attribute. Thank you for all you do.


Effie M. General Manager

You Can’t Go Wrong with Sorbis.

With Sorbis I never have to worry about PCI compliance.  Communication and reliability sets Sorbis apart from the rest.  You can’t go wrong with Sorbis.


Joe T. Director of I.T. and A.V. Services

Trustworthy & Reliable

The thing we like most about Sorbis is they are trustworthy and reliable.  The Quick and great service they provide set them apart from the competition.  Definitely go with Sorbis for all your IT needs.


Ben B. Operations Controller

Friendly and Knowledgeable

I have used Sorbis at multiple properties for years, they are always reliable and someone if available to speak to. When problems arise Sorbis can always remote in and help us resolve the situations.  The team is always very friendly and very knowledgeable.   Don’t think twice about paying for tech support, even if you’re a smaller business. When technology isn’t maintained it can cause you thousands is loose and liability. Choose one specifically that understands your business needs.

Eric F. General Manager

Professional in Everything Related with IT

The single biggest benefit working with Sorbis is not only their experience in Hospitality, they are a professional company in everything related with IT, security, communications, computers, servers, etc.  We are historic customers of them because they know to deal with professionalism and efficiency our challenges, being true to their style and delivering a good support.

The key may be that they do not rest until they solve the problems and a close treatment, they always bring solutions.

It is obvious that you can delegate over them your IT infrastructure and  put the focus in your business, to me they are one more member of my team. We have presence in many countries around the world, where we can’t go I need a partner, I have to say that they convey confidence, and that is hard to find.


Alberto G. IT Director

Exceptional & Personable Service

Initially, I was quite cautious about managed IT services based on more recent experiences with similar IT companies. However, Sorbis has proven to be exceptional. Primarily arising from the personable services Sorbis’ hands-on approach owner, and their IT-team provide. Additionally, it is quite evident that Sorbis’ IT services are delivered from a strong position of industry knowledge – They understand the hospitality business very well and all its IT intricacies which provides operational security during challenging times. Moreover, Sorbis has very strong industry ties with the major IT services providers. The foregoing represents a great advantage in minimizing the incidences of “finger-pointing,” and produce greater efficiencies in solving IT problems when applicable.

Sorbis takes responsibility and seeks to identify where a problem originates rather than accusing parallel vendors of being the cause – They avoid passing the blame. I would recommend a phone call directly with the owner of Sorbis to review the concerns that contribute to their indecision about managed IT services. Then, telephone companies with whom Sorbis currently work for references, and I am confident a decision would be speedy – Sorbis will get you an answer.

Calvester L. Finance

Security is One of the Many Benefits

There are many benefits that Sorbis has provided my company but the most significant is security. I know my system is being monitored and that the data of my guests is being protected. Responsiveness and strong relationships are important to me with the companies that I work with. I have that with Sorbis.

Douglas B. Director


I have been working with Sorbis for over 10 years, I have peace of mind knowing everything consistently works. Sorbis is responsive to our questions and concerns and treats us with courtesy and professionalism.

Peter D., M.D Healthcare


We have been partners with Sorbis for over 20 years. We have peace of mind knowing that Sorbis is watching our systems 24x7x365. If there is ever an issue, they can resolve it before we even are aware of it. The Sorbis team members are responsive, personal and smart. You can’t beat that!

Dr. Amy A., DVM Healthcare


Sorbis provides peace of mind knowing that our IT infrastructure is maintained and protected. Sorbis is very hands-on and works with us as a partner, not as a vendor. They provide excellent service and their staff is professional. They are always there for you when needed.

Imran S. Regional Director of Finance