Unlimited Support

Unpredictable IT Support Costs?

Sorbis will provide all the technology support you need for a single flat rate — no limits, no billable hours.

To effectively grow your business, you need to know exactly what resources your company has and what you can spend. Wildly fluctuating or unpredictable costs are the enemy. IT support is notorious for causing these surprise expenses; one month you experience few problems and the next you’re paying for a mountain of IT issues. What’s worse, support technicians paid by the hour are not motivated to fix your problems quickly.

With Sorbis, you get unlimited IT support for all of your business technology either remotely or on-site as required. One monthly fee covers it all, even if you have to call us every day. And since we gain nothing by dragging our heels, you know our experienced and certified technicians will get your IT problems fixed ASAP.

Get fast, unlimited, expert IT support that’s easy on your budget

With Unlimited IT Support from Sorbis, You’ll Enjoy:

  • More stable budgeting
  • Fast, professional, and expert service
  • Support for all of your office IT including servers, workstations, and network devices
  • IT support that’s available 24/7/365, whenever you need it
  • Dedicated, experienced, and certified technicians committed to fixing your issues fast
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Lenovo